Brandon LaBelle









The project took shape in relation to the city of Curitiba's recycling program, and specifically how this relates to “unofficial” waste collectors living in barrio communities and functioning within an informal economy.
Researching this community and culture of trash and recycling the work functioned as an act of shadowing. This involved building a cart similar to those used by the “unofficial” collectors and circulating through the city to collect discarded wood.

The cart was built in collaboration with a local craftsman and aimed to intervene within this circuit of trash collecting, which comes to normalize the cheap and partially forced labor of an impoverished community. The cart functioned literally as a vehicle for creating interactions, and was finally exhibited at a local gallery space, along with additional works and artifacts, such as a table built from the collected wood and used for meals served during the exhibition.

In collaboration with Ken Ehrlich & Octavio Camargo.

Exhibition at Ybakatu gallery, Curitiba, Brazil
January, 2006