Brandon LaBelle








Dreams of a Sovereign Citizen

developed as part of Synsmaskin, artistic research project, 2016-17

Utopian visions, hopes for the future, dreams of solidarity, or of standing alone, withdrawn; organizational principles, creative instituting, formations of tribes and festivities, and the desire for togetherness, especially that which may unsettle or renew the inherent insurrectionary drive at the heart of the imagination.

I dream, I imagine, I work with materials, and I reach out, toward others, and toward potential forms and expressions; I am restless, I am dissatisfied, I am haunted by the not yet, and driven toward a production and poetry that may hint at forms of inhabitation, structures of living, that may already suggest, through its temporary construction and performativity, a future to come.

The project sets out to dialogue with questions of democratic crisis and the realities of loss, disenfranchisement, precarity, and insecurity that shape contemporary life. In response, the project unfolds as a series of Dreams – scenarios, actions, meditations, and material expressions produced on site and in places around the world. Over the course of one-year (2016-17), I will create a Dream Diary, with each entry constructed around a set of historical and cultural references (of past solidarities and resistances, of cultures of dissidence and hopeful imagining); these will inform the particular presentations and scenarios, while also functioning as raw materials for realizing “anarchic manifestations”.

By physically traveling and working within a range of global locations, confronting situations, collaborating and exchanging with individuals and institutions, I intend to act as a “global citizen”. I will attempt to perform conditions of citizenship by entering these contrasting and complex locations, dreaming aloud and creating situations that may refer us to a notion of “direct relationships” at the heart of anarchic principles. In response to democratic crisis, I’m interested to pose and embody an anarchic theory – a citizenry from below; through self-organization, shared resources, deep care and radical imagining one may realize a citizenry of the anti-political.

Zagreb Berlin Chisinau Curitiba
Toronto Barcelona Athens Istanbul
Jerusalem Cincinnati Budapest Madrid