Brandon LaBelle








Event and its Double

The work is built to manifest the spatial configuration of John Cage's Black Mountain Event from 1952, staging the “stage” of Cage’s original piece in the front courtyard of the Museum. Four sets of parallel walls are constructed to form corridors in an X-formation, each leading toward an open center and away toward the far corners of the courtyard. Perforations or "openings" are cut into the walls at random points so as to multiply perspectives. Eight loudspeakers are mounted throughout the structure and amplify prepared audio work based on recordings made within the building. The audio is diffused in a hyper-spatial movement that never settles into a static presentation, echoing Cage’s proposal of a form of “democratic listening”.

Exhibited as part of "Undercover: sound/art and social space"
Museum of Contemporary Art
Roskilde, Denmark
March 22 - May 25, 2003