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Jim Morrison African Fan Club

The project is imagined as a machine for generating disjunctions and intersections utilizing sonic materiality and the urban imagination. Over the course of a week, the project unfolds as a series of recording actions performed by a group of participants. Each day recordings are enacted across the city of Bologna, aiming for particular locations and sites, as well as following certain themes, such as “what does the stranger dream about?” or “invisible city” or “trespassing”. The daily recordings are gathered and presented on tables within an installation structure at RAUM, functioning as a space of accumulation and distribution where visitors can listen to the materials, explore related documents and texts, and copy the recordings.

In addition, a series of events are organized and presented over three evenings including musical actions, discussions with local city officials and underground groups, transmissions and exchanges, the events animate the space with a diversity of voices circulating around what it means to be a community.

The project is a process of accumulation, making contact with the city and its social energies, and unfolding as a space of multiplicity: the gallery becomes a record shop, a haven, a stage, a market, and a study, to echo the urban environment and create an audible space with no center and too much reference.

Exhibited at RAUM gallery, in collaboration with Lelio Aiello & deja vu
November 20 – 26, 2010

Participants: Marco Bonaccolto, Germana Cantarella, Noemy Cotardo, Marco Furlani, Paolo Ghezzi, Elena Hamerski, Tecla Latella, Luciano Maggiore, Marcello Spada, Dominique Vaccaro.

meeting-events (18:00 – 23:00):
Tuesday 23: "urban perception"
guests: Giovanni Ginocchini (architect, city planning, adviser to the city of Bologna), Giuliante Nicoletta (policewoman), and some teenagers
Wednesday 24: "voice"
guests: Gianluca Caldana (psychoanalyst, researcher in psychoanalysis, sound and musicality of language), John De Leo (singer / performer), and Andrea Reali (musician / performer)
Thursday 25: "invisible city"
guests: critic Massimo Marchetti from Radio Città del Capo, discussing migration, illegal occupation, and squatter culture with guests of the underground scene in Bologna. Recorded and aired on Radio Città del Capo the next day at 24.00.