Brandon LaBelle








Language Games

Staged as a process of translation with three performers, headphones, CDs, writing and a song, the performance is a situational unfolding of multiple narratives in which mishearing, misunderstanding, and misrepresenting appear as characters to produce a chain of associations.

The audience is invited to bring their favorite CDs – these are played and listened to through headphones by two performers. One responds by writing words on an overhead projector, the other responds by speaking and singing, saying things, voicing what they are hearing. A third performer sits at a computer and watches what the first is writing and listens to the voicings, and tries to compose a narrative in response. The actions form a network extending from the audiences’ CDs, to create a constellation of meanings.

Performed with Sina Khani & Pedro Inês.

SMART Project Space, DNK event
November 10, 2008

Performed with Donghee Nam & Michel Chevalier.

Frisor artist space
May 6, 2009