Brandon LaBelle








Media Plate

The work is a performance event using the form of a shared meal to engage questions of generosity and intimacy. For the event, visitors are given dinner plates to be used for the meal, each plate prepared with diagrams of various communicational and information theories. In exchange, visitors are asked to construct tables to also be used for the meal. The idea is to stimulate a consideration of the table as a performative device that creates particular forms of behavior. By putting the table into question visitors are given the opportunity to rethink the form of the table and the collective act of eating together.

The work poses several questions: How is food tied to forms of communication? How do notions of "the raw and the cooked" function as contemporary signifiers? How does the structure of the plate and the table propose a particular form of exchange?

In collaboration with Ken Ehrlich.

Performed at General Public, Berlin
July, 2008