Brandon LaBelle








Meditation on a Future Horizon

Revolutionary statements make a claim onto history to charge a given time and place with radical energy: to galvanize the masses, to overturn social behavior, to disrupt and ultimately transform reality. Such statements act as momentary bursts of outrage and political conscientiousness, giving definition to the here and now as a time in need of rupture.

Exploring revolutionary desire as a temporal moment, the project examines various historical texts and statements calling for social transformation. From Situationist graffiti to Black Caribbean rights, the statements are translated into random melodies using a music box mechanism: writing the statements out across musical staff paper, each melody turns into a lyrical homage to revolutions gone by, as well as suggests links between art production, as a project of reworking time, and the revolutionary moment as a recurring intensity throughout history.

The project is presented as a series of video works capturing the gesture of producing the melodies. These are shown on a set of laptops within an installation setting acting as a working space containing related documents, materials, books, CDs and artefacts.

Exhibited at Mario Mazzoli galerie, Berlin
January 20 – March 22, 2011