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Motel Polytope

The motel room is a space of tourism, fantasy, criminality and transience, allowing temporary occupation that since its development in the 1950s has increasingly occupied the landscape with its varying architectures. The Motel Polytope project is based on a series of interventions staged in Hollywood motels during the course of a week’s tourism. The interventions take the form of paint applications performed directly onto the rooms during a night’s occupation. The work draws upon the composer and architect Iannis Xenakis, who developed a highly unique approach to music composition, often uniting mathematics with musical ideas. Considering the motel room, the project playfully inserts additional geometries to the existing spaces, appropriating their often-uniform look for distributing more personalized modifications.

The work was presented as a series of architectural models depicting each room, and showing the interventions performed.

Exhibited at Gallery 727, Los Angeles, as part of Surface Tension_Los Angeles
February - March, 2010

Vista Motel
4900 Sepulveda Blvd
Room 219

green dots, across furniture and corners

Saharan Motor Hotel
7212 Sunset Blvd
Room 116

yellow highlight across wall and ceiling

Ramada Marina del Rey
3130 Washington Blvd
Room 215

white and blue diagonals, softly finding a new movement

Hollywood Guest Inn
6700 West Sunset Blvd.
Room 232

orange diagonals, improvised

Hollywood Inn Express North
5131 Hollywood Blvd
Room 125

vertical lines each parallel to a corner – to make a second shadow

Hollywood 7 Star Motel
1730 North La Brea Avenue
Room 216

blue and pink dots, as an overlay onto the wallpaper of roses

Hollywood Downtowner Inn
5601 Hollywood Blvd
Room 27

wrapping the room with grey dots, like a decorative crown


Installation at gallery 727:

a series of models, each depicting one of the motel rooms and the interventions performed. Placed on painted tables with text and images.