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Temporary Outpost for an Auditory Figure

Researching the ways in which sound and audition operate in everyday life, the Temporary Outpost is a collection of documents catalogued according to what LaBelle terms the "associative" conditions of sound. The work thus functions as a performative archive aimed at constructing a view onto the knowledge structure of the acoustical. At the center of the work is the elaboration of auditory figures – echo, vibration, feedback, silence/noise, transmission and rhythm provide a base for giving narrative to the behaviors of sound, and to query its cultural, social and political movements.

The work is an extension of LaBelle's publication "Acoustic Territories: Sound Culture and Everyday Life" (Continuum 2010) and integrates much of the publication's research material.

Exhibited at Instal 10, Tramway, Glasgow
November, 2010

Auditory Figures - outline of an auditory field pdf


Exhibited at the Whitney Biennial, New York, as part of Arika curatorial project, A survey is a process of listening
May, 2012

A series of six videos were developed for this edition of the work; each video presents a meditation and reflection on one of the auditory figures, incorporating image, video and voice.