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Panel Discussion

Working with participants from Cape Town, the performance takes the shape of a panel discussion on issues of the Voice – as audible material, as psychological object, as social medium... Within the context of the sound festival, the work puts into question the act of speech and language by drawing upon local dialects and local languages (South Africa constitutionally recognizes 11 languages). In what way do local inflections condition what may or may not be said or conveyed, and how might our ability to hear such inflections influence the communicative act?

Panel Discussion uses the form of a panel to unfold the Voice as a performative act, engaging participants from diverse backgrounds and professions related to the Voice, from singers to dramatists, to add their voices to the mix.

with Yvonne Banning, Lisa Bauer, Eric LaCasa, Jacques and Jano.

Presented at Fear of the Known festival, Cape Town, South Africa
March 12, 2009