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Preparations for common recognition

The project functions as an imagined setting based on an experience the artist had attending a rock concert. Consisting of a multi-channel audio work of three voices – the band, the spectator, and the stranger – visitors follow the voices as they debate each other on questions of subjectivity, social space and a politics of listening. In addition, constructed mobile panels are presented as an "archive of interruption", seeking out forms, phenomena and discourses of disruption and how they condition our social and cultural landscape. The project develops the idea of interruption as being generative of community, and for knowing the other.

Exhibited at Lothringer 13 Laden
June 28 – July 15, 2012

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Title: Preparations for common recognition.
Place: Los Angeles, 1998. It is night.
The action takes place at a rock club, located in the neighborhood of Silver Lake. It is a small though important club, where a certain sub-cultural scene has developed in recent years: it is a venue where people gather to witness the emergence of the new.
We are located in the crowd, as part of the event.
The following dialogue takes place here, yet we must imagine that everything has stopped: the people, the music, the action. It is a frozen moment. Within this moment, three voices emerge: the band, the spectator, and the stranger. A conversation ensues. They speak, to each other, at each other, around each other.
It is a conversation of interruption, capturing three contrasting perspectives onto the event of culture.
During this scene, the club transforms into an uncertain space – a type of research center, a type of archive, a space of references and diagrams, some sort of office dedicated to the theme of discord and disagreement emerges. We enter this space.

Exhibited at General Public
June 8 – 15th, 2013