Brandon LaBelle








Prototypes for the mobilization and broadcast of fugitive sound

A series of mobile sound objects developed and built for interaction with visitors to the gallery. Each cart houses its own sound system, amplifying a prepared sound piece composed in relation to specific locations, such as office buildings or street demonstration situations, and are available for visitors to leave the gallery with them. The work proposes a narrative relation between sound and location, and offers tangible methods for imagined noise interventions.

Exhibited at the Enrico Fornello gallery, Prato, Italy
September 2007

For domestic situations, to be placed in the vicinity of kitchen windows, bedroom closets, secluded bathrooms or in the courtyard of apartment complexes for the stimulation of buried dreams, sudden fantasies, poetic reveries and imagined murmurs.
For banks, insurance offices, civic headquarters and other administrative situations, so as to introduce elements of subliminal distraction, which may act to perfume the waking hours with a bonus of sudden pleasure while adding to the inherent humdrum of related bureaucratic architectures and labors.
For country dances, parties, raves, ho-downs, rodeos or circuses, to compliment, through break down and multiplication of percussive expressions, and other various punctuations, the movement of bodies, animals, monsters and clowns, and their ritualistic catharsis, rapture or laughter, and the audiences that gather therein.
For urban stand-offs, street fights, or other revolutions, particularly involving military force and other official figures, and which can be used to diffuse the territorializing capture of city streets that arises from both those who fight for change and those who try to defend the status quo.