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The Rhythm Project

The project sets out to consider the existing structures and flows of urban life by way of rhythmical interaction and intervention. Rhythm is understood as the meeting of different orders. From the patterns of particular bodies as they walk the city pavement to the beats of certain organizational structures and the forces they must negotiate, rhythm is proposed as a process of tension and contact, conversation and interruption. We learn from rhythm how to find pace with surroundings, as well as to distort, modulate or break their organization.

The Rhythm Project is developed through a workshop situation with local participants. Exploring forms of group interaction, the pulses of the individual body, as well as the dynamics of social spaces in the city, participants investigate found phenomena and potential syncopations and orchestrations. The project results in an installation collecting materials from the workshop, as well as a live live drumming action in the city: four drummers occupying a public square in the city, and undertaking a series of dialogical investigations to produce a temporary intervention.

Participants: Macarena Alvarado, Nicolas Piérola, Rodrigo Huidobro, Mariana Alamos, Benjamin Cofre, Carlos Soutullo, Gabriel Holzapfel, Cristina Machicado, Pia Cordero & Mari Sopa

Drummers: Gabriel Holzapfel, Carlos Soutullo, Felipe Araya & Pablo Rivera

Exhibited at Tsonami Festival, Valparaiso
November 2012

Breathing / notate the movements of inhalation and exhalation

Drumming / four drummers, four movements: lobo beat, environment, synchronize, argue