Brandon LaBelle








Stage Fright

Exploring the fright of the stage, the performance is presented as a nervous script – a stranger enters, the audience waits: What sound is this? What is he going to do? Something is given, to circulate, a shared sound, a distributed body.

Ten wooden beams are fitted with mini-cassette players, amplifying micro-compositions based on sounds of strangers: whispers, uncertain words, fragments that come to present a listener with a body that is different, foreign, unknown.

The audience is invited to pick up the wood beams, to carry it with them, to relocate them in the space.

The object becomes an invitation.
It stands in the room, it starts to speak.
It whispers, it coughs, it laughs – it is a friend, no, it is a stranger.

Performed at the Center for Cultural Decontamination, Belgrade
November 2009