Brandon LaBelle








Stranger Recordings


Through a series of uncertain and hesitant walks taken in different cities, the artist attempts to carve out a form of hidden inhabitation – an acousmatic mode of occupation shaped by a listening from below. Shifting between the ground and the sky, the articulate and the inarticulate, the artist constructs an ontological framework of poetical vibration, one tuned to the elsewhere, here. This is elaborated through improvised descriptions spoken while walking, narrations that quickly move into digressive meditations on subjectivity and strangerhood. Over the course of 30-minutes, the artist meanders through an unknown urban milieu, hearing others and the noises around, talking to himself, to birds and bears, to invisible figures and imaginary listeners. He attempts to be someone and no one at the same time, moving in and out of focus, and figuring a voice of dreaming and association and dissolution. The series of recordings forms into an unsteady diary notating the local through a foreign body – this figure out of place, who does not know where to go, who does not understand the languages, and who utilizes not knowing as an opportunity for being otherwise and aligned with the not-yet.

Stranger Recordings is presented as part of Laugh of the Hyposubject, a program developed for Documenta 14 radio in collaboration with Anna Bromley.

Savvy Funk, Documenta 14 radio
July, 2017