Brandon LaBelle








The Accident

The legacy of modern theatre is punctuated with voices of social critique. From Brecht’s epic theatre to Boal’s theatre of the oppressed, the space of theatre is mobilized as a domain of political consciousness able to enact forms of transformation onto the social body. Through dialogue, dramaturgy, and performance, the present day can be subject to criticism, commentary or ritual alteration, marking theatre a zone of potentiality, and a space hovering between magic and realism.

Drawing upon this legacy, The Accident is a recorded dramatic work scripted as an exchange between the characters Bertolt Brecht, Arthur Miller, Antonin Artaud, and Augusto Boal who, having arrived in the city of Montreal, argue about what kind of play to stage. Questions of urbanism, locational politics, and public space are brought forward, to act as an echo to current regeneration plans for Griffintown. Installed as a four-channel sound installation in the midst of bushes and trash at an ugly and disused parking lot near the Bonaventure expressway, the work is left for two months as an invisible theatre to sound out on the peripheries of the city.

Exhibited in a public location near the Darling Foundry, Montreal
June 2010 / download script here